oh, yes, Kitty has flippin' done it!
no, the legacy will not be moved to this blog, the blog is purely for your subscriptional fun!
I don't care if that's not a word!

I'll post about any new update that I've done over at the EA thread here.
it'll make it a bit easier to find for all of you.

sadly, the Tea Legacy has come to a closure.
the story is no longer active, nor ongoing, but you are still free to enjoy the adventures of 6 generations of Tea.

love always,


oh, blimey!


blimey indeed it is.
introducing an itsy bitsy poll for you guys to decide which of the lucky three should take over Twitter next! this does NOT influence the heir(ess) poll or anything regarding it. I repeat: IT DOES NOT!

think hard and long about this one!

...or not.

do as you please.

just go.


I mean VOTE!

current host: https://twitter.com/#!/Kittehsimz
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