oh, yes, Kitty has flippin' done it!
no, the legacy will not be moved to this blog, the blog is purely for your subscriptional fun!
I don't care if that's not a word!

I'll post about any new update that I've done over at the EA thread here.
it'll make it a bit easier to find for all of you.

sadly, the Tea Legacy has come to a closure.
the story is no longer active, nor ongoing, but you are still free to enjoy the adventures of 6 generations of Tea.

love always,


“they’re here!,,


so while we're on the subject..
DON'T forget to vote for our community's sweetheart this upcoming week!!

Megs would be proud, no?

(good luck, Bubbles!!)


lots of new goods over @ Kittehsimz!


SIFF Red Carpet Gala

SIFF Red Carpet Gala

so as some of you might or might not know, SIFF is back for yet another run, bringing along a most fabulous red carpet gala and a chance for me to show off the family!

and now, my beloved pets, here's where you come in:
who would you like to see making their way down the carpet?

it can be absolutely anyone, as long as they contributed to the story.
are they bringing dates or flying solo? it's all up to you!

please submit your picks either here or over at the thread, and be sure to keep in mind that some characters might not be available any more due to a loss of data.


ok, so I know this is kind of non-Tea-related.. or TS3 for that matter.. but I still wanted to show you guys this little video I made.

it's my first Tangled MV ever!!
(don't forget to watch in HD!)

don't miss out on your daily dose of tweetpeeks!