oh, yes, Kitty has flippin' done it!
no, the legacy will not be moved to this blog, the blog is purely for your subscriptional fun!
I don't care if that's not a word!

I'll post about any new update that I've done over at the EA thread here.
it'll make it a bit easier to find for all of you.

sadly, the Tea Legacy has come to a closure.
the story is no longer active, nor ongoing, but you are still free to enjoy the adventures of 6 generations of Tea.

love always,


the time has come...

I took the longest time possible to think this through, but in the end...

I know you guys thought this last chapter was a glint of hope, but honestly.. it wasn't. I still feel the exact same way I did when I decided to quit the story for some time, it's just that I had the entire chapter written out and felt like taking some pics. that's all. I'm sick of the Teas. absolutely sick. and as much as I don't want them to symbolize failure, they will. or rather: already do. some of you might not be able to comprehend what's going on in my head right now but I know that during this epic (but mostly sad) journey I've changed a lot, and not in a very good way. meaning the Teas should be something that belongs to my past, not my future. if I could, I would gladly erase all of it from my memory, because at this moment in time it's grown to be a big, black stain on this perfectly clean, white sheet I've been trying so desperately not to smudge. this is a personal issue of mine which I openly struggle to live with day in day out. sometimes I wish I could just start over, do so much better... you know? you might. or not.

writing is supposed to be FUN. sadly, writing for the Teas is anything but.
there's always this little voice in the back of my head saying I really don't wanna do this, that it's not as perfect as it should be. I'm pretty self-destructive like that.

either way, I wanted to thank all of you for your support, love, patience and kindness. I adore every single one of you and hope you can find it in yourselves to maybe accept my choices and support me elsewhere. a new story, maybe? who knows. I'm at the brink of a starting point that will require most of my time and energy, so I'll just have to wait and figure out how to manage that first.

that being said, I will try and keep myself from working on this story any further, meaning future generations whose story lines I actually liked (I just don't like the actors...) will be lost in nothingness unless you'd prefer me to dispense this information in which case I will gladly draw out every single one of them.
if you wish to contact me personally you can do so through email, Tumblr or Twitter. whichever you prefer.

either way: I am open to all questions! (sorry, but I'll be ignoring the "why?" ones since I think I've made it pretty clear for all to understand...)

I really do love you all. bit by bit, so please forgive me.

*insert horrible tune of that one episode where Pikachu leaves Ash for a flock of wild Pikachu's*


oh, blimey!


blimey indeed it is.
introducing an itsy bitsy poll for you guys to decide which of the lucky three should take over Twitter next! this does NOT influence the heir(ess) poll or anything regarding it. I repeat: IT DOES NOT!

think hard and long about this one!

...or not.

do as you please.

just go.


I mean VOTE!

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