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Alain + Pine

(taken from a forum post I decided I wanted to share with erryboddy~)

**random mumbling**

when it comes to my characters, there are often a lot of details that fail to make the story, for example:

some of the pictures used in The Mermaid's Choice indicate Laura (surfer girl a.k.a Bossybutt) and Alain were acquainted as well.. keep in mind, though, that in this picture, Laura's closer to Alain's age than she is to Reef's.

the most recent picture of Alain we've seen shows us Hyp, cupcake's former heiress, from whose story we assume Hyp ends up residing in Bridgeport all through and past her YA stage.

conclusion? Alain moved to Bridgeport.
which leads us rrrright up to my next conclusion: Alain and Pine used to be friends.

you see, when Alain decided to move to Bridgeport, he wasn't on his own.. there was this petty, young miss that had her heart set on winning that of his father, but to her demise, never really stood a chance..

as you all know, deary Pine used to be a city boy as well, so him being at SV's expo as a teacher (photography) tells us that he was there for business of some sort; an assignment, perhaps? ..assuming he lived through his teens in ye big Port, that must've been when he met Laura; they spent their college years studying the same major, following the same courses. that would also explain her presence at the expo, where she was clearly part of its organization. so with Laura as their mutual friend, Pine and Alain often hung out together.

et voilĂ !

so now you know!




the results are in and they are BETTER than we could've hoped for!!

congrats to the following lucky ladies:

for winning Best Feature Film and Trailer by viewer's choice!

for Best Music Video!

and last but most certainly not least..

for winning best simtographer this time around! well done!

and to my complete surprise, there was also a bit of love left in the mag for us! :)
so go grab your copy and kick it back a notch while you enjoy the beauty and wonder the SIFF crew has put together for us!
thanks guys! until next time!

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