oh, yes, Kitty has flippin' done it!
no, the legacy will not be moved to this blog, the blog is purely for your subscriptional fun!
I don't care if that's not a word!

I'll post about any new update that I've done over at the EA thread here.
it'll make it a bit easier to find for all of you.

sadly, the Tea Legacy has come to a closure.
the story is no longer active, nor ongoing, but you are still free to enjoy the adventures of 6 generations of Tea.

love always,


it's here..
(no!! not the update!)



I fell in love with tumblr a while ago.. so, if you feel like following a more personal side to my life, go ahead and add me to your dashboard:


that is all for now, my lovelies!
(also, check out http://kittehsimz.blogspot.com/ for a fresh heap of simmies!)


Meagan Wish

Meagan "Meago" Wish
- lives by many principles but likes to believe she doesn't
- very ambitious
- spends a lot of her time on the interwebs
- has over 500 friends on Facebook
- knows everything about everyone
- daughter to one of the local firemen
- tends to deny her popularity and rebel about
- considers Blush to be her "only friend" while in reality she has tons
- could live off of yoghurt for weeks
- shares her brother's keen eye for all that is mildly dark
- rumored to be Sunset Valley's next leader of the free world

Nami Tea

Nami Tea
- masters the fine art of inventing
- remains blister-free
- would never think twice to wear a dress
- is often seen snooping around the male's department
- buys most of her clothes on-line because of that
- avid chess player
- hates graveyards because of their spookiness
- likes to quiz people (mostly by asking algebra-related questions)
- skims through encyclopedia's for fun
- is looking to set up an insectarium (mostly consisting of butterflies)
- enjoys going to concerts by herself and doing things independently
- unaware of the fact that wherever she goes, everybody wants to know her name
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