oh, yes, Kitty has flippin' done it!
no, the legacy will not be moved to this blog, the blog is purely for your subscriptional fun!
I don't care if that's not a word!

I'll post about any new update that I've done over at the EA thread here.
it'll make it a bit easier to find for all of you.

sadly, the Tea Legacy has come to a closure.
the story is no longer active, nor ongoing, but you are still free to enjoy the adventures of 6 generations of Tea.

love always,


you, my dearest readers, have once again proven your awesomeness to its fullest.
you, my dearest readers, have RESURRECTED the Tea legacy and the thread all at once.

this morning I woke up to find several of my gallz had been working their bottoms off trying to search for the missing Tea updates in the caches of both Bing and Google. they succeeded, and I am forever in their debt.

(my reaction this morning)


you guys.. are such great people!!
seriously, I'm close to tears here. I feel so blessed that all of you would go and do such a thing for me, working your tails off to get me to be so overjoyed. I can't even explain.. I'm lost for words.

how will I ever be able to repay you guys?!
I might know a little something, but..

and it's all thanks to you. you, my dearest readers, have saved the legacy, and I will never be able to thank you enough or repay you for that. I'm so moved.. I can't even speak right now. there's so much I'd like to say to you guys, but I'm at a serious loss for words.

you guys are amazing, and I am forever in your debt.


I'm sorry I couldn't get to you guys earlier. I have a friend who's sleeping over.
I will try my best too to recover the two updates that are still missing.

@Cami: if you could please send me the e-mail you had prepped up for me, I'll get to creating a new Tea thread in no time.

this is a very moved Kitty signing off.
I love you guys.

so with great pride I present to you:

the resurrected Tea thread!

fully fuelled by not only its writer, but its readers too.


I finished a siggy for whoever is interested:


make sure to take out the *'s I've put in it!


I'm sorry, guys..

the Tea legacy is dead.


I can't even begin to explain the level of sadness rushing through me right now. I know, I know.. when it comes down to it, it's all just a game, but I did put a lot of my creativeness and effort in it. the Tea legacy was a huge outlet for me, and I really cared for each and every one of my characters, which is exactly why I won't be continuing their story. it'll always feel half empty.

my sincerest apologies, and a huge thank you at the same time, to all of my followers, you were and are amazing.


this morning, I woke up to find the Tea thread was missing/got deleted. like many before me, I freaked, but later learned that this did not happen on purpose. needless to say, I'm still very upset, because it could still be lost forever.

it seems that during last night's maintenance EA (once again) managed to stir things about, something they've become quite good at lately. along with many other threads like The Writer's Hangout, the Tea thread got lost in the havoc they created during the adjustments they were making.

*sigh* very tiring indeed, but let us not worry, my lovelies, instead, let's just hope for the best! <3
they're looking into the matter, and are (hopefully) trying their best to retrieve the thread.

keep your fingers and toes crossed!


hello, my lovelies! ^.^
Kitty comes with GREAT news! you can now download and/or request your favourite Tea characters or any other sims I've shown you! hiiiiiip hurray!

that being said, check out this amazing Rainbowcy by Chisagi, I love it so much.

furthermore.. this post is empty.. LIKE MY SOUL!
(you will not get this joke until you meet Coke Chimeree)


it be here!
Lynne's very first update! :)
(blog is still heavily under construction.. sorreh for the discomfort!)
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